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About Form & Content · · Rose McCoy, Owner-Writer-Designer

Music and marketing design are both pursuits of artful arrangement. They invite interpretation, stimulate emotion, and command engagement. They have rhythm and flow, structure and style, and a hook — a catchy phrase, an evocative image.

But what does music have to do with your marketing plan?

In the early 1990s, Rose McCoy was a professional pianist based in San Francisco. Music didn't pay the bills (surprise!), so she took a day job writing newsletters and grant proposals for a local nonprofit. After writing each issue of the newsletter, Rose took the typed pages and photo prints to a magical place down the road where they were transformed into a great-looking little publication. She started lingering at the studio, annoyingly peering over the designer's shoulder, and thought, "I can do that!" To her delight, she found designing felt a lot like making music (see paragraph 1, above).

For the next couple of years, Rose worked at a small ad agency. She kept learning, building her portfolio, playing the piano...and planning her escape to freelancing freedom.

Alas, the scene where Rose gives notice, then struts proudly out to become her own boss never happened. A recession was on and she got laid off before she was quite ready to launch. But launch she did, and Form & Content took off and soared.

Form & Content landed its first paying client in February 1992. That client still counts on Rose for monthly, quarterly and one-off projects throughout year. Longterm clients like this one know that Rose will take on each new project with gusto, and is as devoted to their success as they are themselves.

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